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Woodsman Tree Service provides comprehensive tree care and emergency services. Knowing the truth about the care your trees need to stay healthy will help you enjoy them years to come. Call Woodsman Tree Service for information, a free estimate or to remedy any tree emergency.

Why should I have my trees pruned?

You want to have your trees pruned for their health and for your safety. The most important reasons Woodsman Tree Service prunes trees include:

• Removing Shedding or Broken Branches

• Keeping Branches off Utility Lines

• Removing Diseased Limbs

• Shaping Trees from Your Roof or Gutters

When is the best time of the year to have my trees pruned?

For many trees, pruning in late fall and winter is less stressful because trees are dormant and producing less sap. This also helps to attract fewer insects that could carry diseases. Some flowering trees are best pruned in early spring or in dormancy. Please, contact Woodsman Tree Service for the best pruning schedule for your particular trees.

How can I tell if I have a dying or dangerous tree?

You should call Woodsman Tree Service when you first notice any changes in your tree. These changes can signal disease, which may be treatable, or could lead to death. Signs of a diseased or dying tree are:

• Fewer Leaves on Some or All Branches

• Softening of the Tree’s Trunk

• Falling Limbs

• Dry and Brittle Bark


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