Preservation & Safety of Your Trees

Tree preservation

Shrubbery Trimming and Clearing

Keep your residential or commercial property in great form and health. Woodsman Tree Service trims shrubbery for both curb appeal and security for your home or business, and we take care of nuisance shrubs and bushes with our total cleanup and removal service.

Tree Pruning and Health

A certified arborist, Woodsman Tree Service prunes your trees to show off their maximum beauty on your property while assuring their health and your safety. We check your trees for disease and damage, saving any tree we can with expert care. If we can’t save a tree, Woodsman Tree Service performs complete hazardous tree and stump removal.

Utility Lines and Safety

If your trees have grown over your utility lines, damage can happen to both the lines and tree branches. In bad weather, you run the risk of losing service because of fallen limbs. Avoid trouble before it happens if you have limbs hanging over your utility lines. Certified in electrical line clearing, Woodsman Tree Service prunes your trees safely and attractively.


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